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135.00 EUR/carton

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940.00 EUR/pack

Flavon PEAK products

Flavon Peak products are the latest representation of innovation. New ingredients were included besides dark berries and vegetables full of pigments, enriching them with the active substances of plant oils, creating a water-oil emulsion. Thanks to the sachet-packaging you can eat them anywhere, anytime.

Flavon Premium Products

Flavon Premium products are brilliant combinations of fruits and vegetables as well as other precious spices and plant matters with high active substance content. During product developments we added special ingredients to the well-tried concept of Basic products.

Flavon Immune (3 jars)

Flavon Immune (3 jars)

135.00 EUR/carton

Flavon Basic Products

Flavon Basic products are natural, fruit- and vegetable-based dietary supplements. They unite ingredients with high antioxidant content in a synergetic way without any artificial additives.

Flavon Fitness